R23 (Trifluoromethane)

                    R23 cylinder packing

[Chemical Formula]CHF3



Molar mass 70.01
Boiling point (1 atm), °C -84.0
Melting point (1 atm), °C -155.0
Density(20 °C), liquid, g/cm3 0.86
Vapor pressure(25 °C), kPa 4728
Saturated liquid density 20℃ , (g/cm?3?) 0.263
Critical pressure, MPa 4.84
Vaporization heat below boiling point, KJ/kg 243
Specific heat(25 °C), liquid, KJ/kg °C 1.55
GWP 12000
Critical temperature, °C 25.9



Determination Specification
Appearance Colourless and not turbid
Purity, % ≥99.7
Moisture mg/kg ≤10.0
Acidity(HCl), mg/kg ≤1.0
Evaporation residue mg/kg ≤100.0

[Usage] R23 is also known as HFC-23, Fluoroform, Freon 23. It is used as low temperature refrigerant and fire extinguishing agent. HFC-23 has been used in the past as a replacement for Halon 1301[cfc-13b1] in fire suppression systems as a total flooding gaseous fire suppression agent.

[packing] Pressure bottle, 30kg/cylinder, 380kg/cylinder, or other requirements. R23 has two kinds of packing for refrigerant and fire extinguishing agent.