R410A (Mixed refrigerant HFC-410A, HFC125/32)

R410A pink cylinder




Molar mass 72.58
Boiling point (1 atm), °C -51.6
Vapor pressure hPa (25 °C) 16530
Vapor pressure hPa (50 °C) 30520
Relative density 25°C(g/cm?3) 1.062
Critical pressure, MPa 4.95
Critical density g/cm3 -
Critical temperature °C 72.5
Solubility(in water), 25°C, 100 Pa -
liquidSpecific heat, 30°C, [KJ/(kg °C)] 1.78
GWP 0.2
Decomposition temperature°C -



Determination Specification
Appearance, smell Colorless, not turbid, odorless
Purity, % ≥99.8
Moisturemg/kg ≤10.0
Acidity(HCl), mg/kg ≤1.0
Evaporation residue mg/kg ≤100.0

[Usage] R410A is also known as HFC-410A, Freon 410A. It is mainly used to substitute R22 and R502 in home air-conditioners, small business air-conditioner and some central air-conditioners.Unlike alkyl halide refrigerants that contain bromine or chlorine, R-410A (which contains only fluorine) does not contribute to ozone depletion, and is therefore becoming more widely used, as ozone-depleting refrigerants like R-22 are phased out. However, it has a high global warming potential (1700 times the effect of carbon dioxide), similar to that of R-22. Since R-410A allows for higher SEER ratings than an R-22 system, by reducing power consumption, the overall impact on global warming of R-410A systems will be substantially lower than that of R-22 systems due to reduced greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

[packing]R410A usually filled in 11.3kg/500kg/1000kg cylinders and ISO tank. R410A cylinder color is pink.