About us

     Cosutin Industrial Co., Limited has a team with over 17 years experience in fluorochemical industry. We have three factories produce all kinds of chemical products, including blowing agents and refrigerants in Zhejiang Province, flame retardants for PU in Jiangsu Province, addictives in Jiangsu Province of China. After more than 17 years striving, we have been exporting refrigerants and blowing agents to all around world, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, EU, American and Africa. We also blend many kinds of blends and mixture for our customers. Such as buying HFC-365mfc from Solvay and blend it with our R-245fa @90:10 to 60:40.

We and hope our partners and customers as well follow the provisions of the Montreal Protocol and subsequent amendments. We comply stipulations on mandatory patents and laws of all countries. Working with all walks of the society, to protect our earth, our envioronment, our air.

mission and corporate objective

    Strictly comply with laws, stipulations. Provide the best products in quality and envioronment and services on time.

a corner of n-pentane factory test machine at blowing agent factoryone machine at refrigerant factory