cyclopentane packing 145kg/drum


[Chemical Formula]C5H10



Molar mass 70.1
Boiling point (1 atm),°C 49
Melting point (1 atm), °C -94
Flash point°C -37
Density(25 °C)liquid, g/cm3 0.751
Vapor pressure(20 °C),kPa 45
Ignition temperature, °C 361
Critical pressureMPa 4.52
Solubility(in water) 25℃,mg/l Insoluble
UEL, %(V/V) 8.7
LEL, %(V/V) 1.4
Relative density of steam 2.42
GWP 11
Critical temperature, °C 238.6



Determination Specification
Appearance Specification
Purity, , % ≥95
N-pentane+isopentane(wt)% ≤3.5
Iso-hexanewt% ≤1.5
Hexaneppm ≤10
benzeneppm ≤1
Moistureppm ≤150

[Usage]Cyclopentane is a new blowing agent for rigid Foam(PU), substituting the CFCs and HCFCs in non-fluo refrigerators, cold room and so on. Cyclopentane also blend with isopentane, R134a, R245fa as blowing agent to get better performance. Like cp70 blend, cp85 blend, cyclopentane/r134a, cyclopentane/365mfc/245fa, cyclopentane/HFC-245fa blends.

[packing]Cyclopentane: ISO tank, 145kg/drum.