methylal packing is 160kg/drum


[Chemical Formula]C3H8O2



Molar mass 76.1
Boiling point (1 atm),°C 42.3
Melting point (1 atm),°C -104.8
Flash point°C -17.8
Density(25 °C)liquid, g/ml 0.86
Vapor pressure(20 °C),kPa 43.99
Ignition temperature°C 237
refractive index nD (20 °C) 1.3513
Solubility(in water)25℃,g/l 285
Solubility(other) Easily soluble in oganic solvents.



Determination Specification
Appearance Colourless and not turbid, Odor like cloro-
Purity, , % ≥99.9
Moisture, %(Wt)≤ ≤0.0.5
Methanol content, %(Wt)≤ ≤0.05
Formaldehyde content, %(Wt)≤ -

[Usage]1. In the formulation of pesticide. Methylal can well dissove permethrin.

2. In the fomula of leather polish and automobile polish. Methylal can improve the solubility of various wax, improve quality and stability of emulsifying wax.

3. In the formula of air freshener. Methylal can greatly improve the solubility of essence, reduce the use level of ethanol and cut the release of VOC.

4. In the formula of ticker tape. Methylal is used as solvent to achieve good solubility and fastvolatility. 5. In the fomula of electronic equipment cleaning agent. Methylal will gradually take the palce of F11 and F113. 6. Methylal also used as additive for paints, vanish, gluewater, adhesive, printing ink etc.

[packing] 160kg/drum