n-pentane tank packing is 14MT


[Chemical Formula]C5H12



Molar mass 72.15
Boiling point (1 atm),°C 36.1
Melting point (1 atm),°C -129.8.00
Flash point, °C -40
Density(25 °C)liquid, g/cm3 0.626
Vapor pressure(18 °C),kPa 53.32
Ignition temperature, °C 260
Critical pressure, MPa 3.37
Solubility(in water) 25℃,mg/l 33.2
UEL, %(V/V) 9.8
LEL, %(V/V) 1.7
Viscositycp, 20?°C 0.240
Critical temperature°C 196.4



Determination Specification
Appearance Colourless and not turbid
Purity, , % ≥95
N-pentane+isopentane(wt)% ≥99
Other Hydro Carbon(wt)% ≤0.5
Cyclopentane(wt)% ≤0.5
S content (ppm) ≤5
Moisture 0

[Usage]N-pentane full name is normal pentane. It is used as blowing agent. And N-pentane is also employed as specialty solvents. N-pentane also blend with isopentane to get a better performance. Such as np/ip blend, pentanes blend, IP15 and so on.

[packing] N-pentane has two packings: 14mt/ISO Tank, 125kg/drum