• US Department Of Commerce Issued A Preliminary Ruling That China Had Dumped Refrigerants In US Market

2014-5-23 03:14:19Source: Xinhuanet


On 22nd, U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary result that it was identified the refrigerant imported from China is dumping product. This product is R-134a or similar chemical products, mainly used in mobile air conditioning system, also can be used for home and business building air conditioning system.

The Department on the day preliminarily concluded that the margin of dumping of the product import from China into the United States is from 133.47% to 237.33%. Based on the margin of dumping from the preliminary result, the Department will inform U.S. customs to levy the corresponding deposit for the China products.

According to the program, the U.S. department of commerce and the International Trade Commission in October and November will make final for the survey. If the two organisations both make a positive final determination on the products caused substantial damage or threated to related industry, the Commerce Department will ask the customs imposed anti-dumping and anti-countervailing tax on related products.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the amount of such products imported from China last year was $34.7 million.