• NASA: The Ozone layer in the air of Antarctica still threatened by CFCs

2014/8/22 10:11:13Source: cnbeta.com


Although now, most countries have banned CFC (CFC), since this compound can destroy the earth's ozone layer. The compound are usualy found in aerosol spray, refrigerant and chemical solvents. However, according to NASA's latest survey, it is found that the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica is still under the threat of the compounds.

The principal of the research program Qing Liang said that we had never expected to see the results. He was sure there were industry leakage, massive pollution emissions, or using CC14. Related reports showed that from 2007 to 2012, CC14 global emissions is still 30% of its peak usage since the ban. During the period, CC14 emissions decline rate yearly is only 1%, much less than 4% originally envisaged. In addition, the survey showed, CC14 residence time in the atmosphere is longer by 40% than the original target.