• The 9th International Flame-retarding material and Techical Industry Exhibition In China 2014



With fire accidents continue to occur, Flame retardant products attracted people's attention, the requirements and provisions of fire retardant products have become higher and more detailed internationally. The fire announcement of China's Law, the realization of international Flame-retardant mandatory standards, European Union RoHS, WEEE and REACH directives and Requirements and Marks on Burning Behavior of Flame-retarding Products and Subassemblies in Public Place had been introduced. These will necessarily result in the formation of China's mandatory use of flame-retardant products laws and regulations, The enforcement of such a requirement will definitely bring a bright prospect to China flame-retarding industry.

Using new flame retardant and new flame-retarding material in the field of national economy meets the instruction from the central government on nipping a thing in the bud. The premise of ensuring the safety of life of peoples and resources of the state is a preventive measure that is earlier than fire fighting measure and it is not necessary for domestic and international market to doubt such demand. In order to promote the rapid development of flame retardant industry and Show the latest technology and products at home and abroad, we hold the 9th Shanghai International Flame-retarding Material Technology Exhibition.

The 9th International Flame-retarding Technology and Flame-retarding Material Industry Exhibition in China & International Forum will be hosted by China Flame Retardant Society, together with International Antimony Association, Germany Plastics Center, European Flame Retardant Association and American Fire Retardant Chemicals Association. Companies home and abroad will participate in this exhibition. We will show latest technology and product home and abroad at this exhibition.