• HFC-245fa patent will be due on July 2015 



Now HFC-245fa (five fluorine propane) still protected by patents. Produced by honeywell, in China it is sold by honeywell and its joint venture sales company. But because foaming agent, such as HCFC-141b in 2015 start to reduce production, on the basis of 2009-2010 by 10%. So the supply of HCFC-141b will be less and less, prices are likely to rise. In July 2015, HFC-245fa patent protection expires, the demand of HCFC-141b is expected to weak. More and more manufacturers produce HFC-245fa. Thanks to the fierce competition, mass production, it is believed that HFC-245fa cost and the price will be lower. After some time, HFC-245fa will have same cost performance as HCFC-141b. And taking our nature, our living environment into consideration, HFC-245fa with zero ODP and other substances like that will be more popular.