• R744-The refrigerant for pump water heater in future

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Based on CO2, Japan stay in the forefront of the world in the Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps(hereinafter referred to as DHWHPS ). Japan is the country where DHWHPS is most popur.

Japan DHWHPS has its special Leading technoloty. The main item ECOCUTE(CO2 DHWHPS) is smart, delicate structure, remarkable performance. The biggest characteristic of it is in the water side with large heat exchange process, the temperature remained high thermal efficiency. The rated temperature can reach 60 degree celsius, the highest temperature is 90 degree celsius. So Ecocute original design is not only limited in home use, but also include heating application. In the past 10 years, Japan ECOCUTE is well-known by the world. The brand used by some manufacturers repeat miracle. ECOCUTE installation has reached 3.70 million. Annual sale is 0.40~0.50 million.

According to Japan current Non-gas family program, household penetration of DHWHPS will reach over 80%. At the same time, Panasonic and other companies are discussing new type of intelligent residential area, a new Urban environmental protection development business model. It will be as a recovering model promoting in East Japan seismic areas, to further advance the ECOCUTE installation.

Thanks to government support and companies?? innovation and promotion, ECOCUTE as DHWHPS is more and more popular in Japan. Now, many houses and business buildings take ECOCUTE as their first choice for heat sppuly. Japan ECOCUTE has seized the technicalcommanding point in the world with powerful competitiveness.

ECOCUTE use CO2 as refrigerant, while European main refrigerant is R-134a for DHWHPS. Based on Japan experience, CO2 is the best one to decrease cost and improve performance of DHWHPS. At present, Europe is discussing the fluoro- gas regulation, which will limite the HFCs. It is expected that CO2 DHWHPS will be rised and more and more popular. So far, Europe only has few program to promote CO2 DHWHPS, few positive manufacturers act.

In Europe have rare government support and subsidies. And low price electricity for night is rare as well. Another thing, Europe is lack of CO2 trainning as CO2 working pressure is higher than HFCs. And Europe also need to improve and revise the current system and manufacturing technique to use CO2, in order to suitable for European weather and climate, home speciality and heating supply model.

As a result of the limitation, HFC refrigerants in Europe is more and more strict. Finally, on the choice of refrigerant, there must be diversification. carbon dioxide is the best choice on refrigerants diversification.