• Safety first for new refrigerant replacements

2014/10/31 10:46:29Source: China Electronics News(http://www.cena.com.cn)


Based on the requirements of 19th the conference for the Montreal Protocol, HCFCs replacement will in a earlier time than before. In Canada Montreal convention center, the Montreal Protocol 19th conference accelerated the phase out speed of HCFCs.. And the average production and consumption of 2009 and 2010 is the statistical accounting basis. 2015 will reduce 10%, 2020-35%, 2025-67.5%, 2030-97.5%. 2040 will be phased out completely.

Current situation and problems of new refrigerant replacement.

Effective HCFCs replacement need to consider the global warming, thermodynamics factor and the feasibility.

The requirements as below: first, ODP and GWP value need to be zero or nearly zero. Second, substitutives should be has approximate boiling point, thermodynamics factors and heat transfer properties of the original refrigerant, foaming agent. Third, Feasibility requires to be available (technology mature, suitable price, can be accepted by the market), ease of use (don't need to make big changes in the original device).

The potential HCFCs replacement and their features as follows.

R290 is mainly used in household air conditioner and commercial air conditioner. R32 is used in commercial air conditioner. R1234yf(ze) is for commercial air conditioner and mobile air conditioner. CO2 is good for heat water pump. NH3 can be used in Refrigerator, commercial freezers.