• US will conduct anti-dumping and countervailing investigation for R-134a from China

2013-12-6 11:13:34Source: www.cpcia.org.cn


The US Commerce Department announced on December 3rd, to say the refrigerant products imported from China - 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (R-134a) will be launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation. On December 5, the reporter learned from the China Association of fluorine and silicone material industry that the domestic production enterprises were actively preparing for responses.

October 22, Mexichem Fluor to the Commerce Department within the company on behalf of the American industry and international trade commission (ITC) apply for products originating in China's four fluorine ethane antidumping, countervailing investigation. The U.S. department of commerce, according to public information Mexichem Fluor, said China's exports to the United States four fluorine ethane dumping margins as high as 198.52%, subsidies and more than 2%. According to the U.S. department of commerce, the amount of such products imported from China last year for $53.2 million.

The US International Trade Commission is expected to make a preliminary decision around 13th of this month. If the Commission ruled that the products imported from China to the United States caused substantial damage to U.S. related industry, the U.S. department of commerce would continue to investigate. In February and April, the preliminary decision would be made on countervailing duties and countervailing duties.

According to the introduction from the relevant person in charge of fluorine and silicon association, Sinochem, JuHua group, Jiangsu Bluestar, Zhejiang Sanmei, Zhejiang Pujiang were involed in. China's R-134a basic capacity is concentrated in these companies. Once U.S. decided to "double anti-" the refrigerants from China, the relevant enterprises and companies in the industry will be significantly affected. So the companies involved in were actively preparing for collective responses.

It is understood that global R-134a production was concentrated in the United States, China and India. China is the world's largest R-134a producer and exporter. R-134a can be widely used for automobile air conditioner, refrigerator, central air conditioning, commercial refrigeration industry, and also can be used in medicine, pesticides, cosmetics, cleaning industry.