[Chemical Formula]CH2(OC2H5)2



Molar mass 104.15
Boiling point (1 atm),°C 88
Melting point (1 atm),°C -66.5
Flash point°C -5
Density(25 °C)liquid, g/ml 0.8419
Vapor pressure(20 °C),kPa -
Ignition temperature, °C -
refractive indexnD (18 °C) 1.3748
Solubility(in water)25℃,% 4.4
Solubility(other) Easily soluble in oganic solvents.



Determination Specification
Appearance Transpearant, colorless, volatile liquid. Odor like ether.
Purity, ,% ≥99.9
Moisture, %(Wt)≤ ≤0.0.5
Ethanol%(Wt)≤ ≤0.05

[Usage]1. As solvents. As solvent for organic metal reactions, such as alkylation. vacillations. organolithium reaction and Grignard reactions. As solvent in aluminium cell and anhydrous lithium ion battery. As auxiliaries of polymers, as solvent of neoprene rubber adhesive; also used as coating aids for automobiles.

2. As reactive reagent. As ethoxy methylating agent; as equivalent of formaldehyde to make reaction safer. It is an excellent substrate for carbonylation; as the source of ethanol, it is used in the preparation of ether and esters.