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About Us 

Our business – PU foam materials: blowing agents, flame retardants, polyols, catalysts, polyetheramines. 

Cosutin Industrial Co., Limited offer the best solutions for your polyurethane products. Our raw material include blowing agents (cyclopentane, N-pentane, isopentane, pentanes blend, R245fa, 365mfc/245fa blends, methylal), flame retardant (TCPP, TEP), TDI (80/20 and T100)formulated polyols blend, Polyetheramines, catalyst (DBTDL(T-12), Stannous octoate(T-9)) and so on. We have a team with over 20 years experience in PU and refrigerant industries. And we have an experienced logistics team for supply chain management in LCL, FCL, and dangerous product consolidation.


Our Objective                                                                  Our D-U-N-S number: 66-410-1223 

Work together for our better life.

Green PU material for our sustainable Earth.


Our plants

Flame retardants are produced in Hebei Province. Catalyst and other additives for PU are made by the Jiangsu plant in China.

Polyol blends are mixed in Shandong factory.  N-pentane&isopentane&pentane blends are from LG CHEM. Cyclopentane from LG CHEM and YNCC in Korea. 

Our plants got many certificates as below.

Quality assurance
Our market
We have been exporting blowing agents, flame retardant TCPP, PMDETA, polyols and so on to all around world, including Southeast Asia, Middle East, EU, American and Africa. 


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We deliver our goods worldwide. No matter where you live, your order will be shipped in time and delivered right to your door or to any other location you have stated. The packages are handled with utmost care, so the ordered products will be handed to you safe and sound, just like you expect them to be.


We guarantee the highest quality of the products we sell. Several decades of successful operation and millions of happy customers let us feel certain about that. Besides, all items we sell pass thorough quality control, so no characteristics mismatch can escape the eye of our professionals.​